From my base in Ibiza, the mystical and enchanting island in Spain, Ibiza Magic is a forward thinking, fabulous and free spirited fashion brand who bring you unique, inspiring pieces.
Inspired by a childhood spent in the cosmopolitan streets of New York City, where I was first influenced by the city’s vibrance, through to an adolescence in Israel, a country of mythical wonder, I began to form my  own unique style of fashion.
Moving forward to a life spent between equally seductive yet divinely different homes in Goa and Italy for 23 years, I was constantly amazed and intrigued by the beauty and freedom which surrounded us, and this is where my passion for fashion was encouraged, developed and grown, leading me to open the Goa Magic shop in Anjuna.
Love of fashion led me to collaborate with many talented, innovative and inspirational designers, and their captivating creativity nurtured our own. The designs are inspired by our travels, our adventures and our lust for life which has led us to create wearable yet seductive pieces for free spirited women. Our goal is to release the wild woman inside you, to encourage you to feel confident, sexy and alive, and to stand out from the crowd.
All of our creations are designed to be worn on the most beautiful beaches in the world by international, cosmopolitan and empowered women. Made from the highest quality materials, created with love, passion, and a little sprinkle of  Magic.

Please note the following:

To make a wholesale order, it is important to keep in mind that the minimum order quantity is 15 units per product.