Black Bikini Set For Women

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This super sexy bikini feels like a second skin, created in a very complimenting cut.

Once you try this bikini, you will get hooked on this new comfort feeling; looks outstanding and very flexible, supporting, and flattering.

Stand out with our unique, high-quality swimwear piece! Designed by me & made with joy and careful attention to detail for those who want to wear unique handmade creations.
It does not deform in water and perfectly fits the curves of your body. It dries quickly, does not warp, and is very light.

♥ The fabric is black.
♥ This bikini is handmade & designed by me. Made of Lycra (72% polyamide 28% elastic), and with careful attention to detail, decorated beautifully with handwork, and perfectly fits the curves of your body. (Does not press and leaves marks of elastic on the body).
♥ Fits sizes S/M = 36/38 US (Please check the size chart before ordering the bikini, and choose your size at checkout)
♥ The top part is fitting any shape of breasts and very flexible, supporting, comfortable and flattering. The top part has no lining.
♥ The bottom has no lining.
♥ Washing Instructions: recommend to hand washes it after each use, in cold water without soap. Hang to dry in the shade. Please notice that any warm/hot water or Jacuzzi will damage the fabric.

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